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I was thinking about a website where people with specific talents can join and create some kind of connection for all types of ventures.  Or if you have a special skill you can be found based on that skill on the website and then be either hired through the website.

So for example, if you are a tailor that specializes in custom one of a kind children’s clothes from the Victorian era, you can showcase that skill. If someone comes to the website that is a costume designer for a period movie and is looking for this very specific skill a contact can be made and later hopefully a business deal can be made.

I am the contributor to the New Media in Web Design.
As a contributor I want to focus on HTML5- language for mobile application, Web production, Flash application development and E-commerce. I will mention new innovations in New Media through the Web Design. Nowadays a lot of people demand HTML 5 website because mobile device become very popular and businesses do not want to lose opportunity to reach potential buyers.

My research paper was “Social Networking: How it is changing our lives”. I did my research for it mostly online as the topic and most materials were on websites.

I was looking for specific situations of how Social Networking applies to traditional activities in our life and how that is changing examining the positive and negative aspects of it and also giving some examples.

Social Networking is becoming more and more a crucial part of our everyday lives and I learned that in personal life and in business it is something that it is now widely used. Just as I was finishing the paper today I learned that even a new web browser is being released, Rockmelt, that will have Social Networking tools built right into its interface so the web experience will be even more shared and seamless for everyone.

It seems that Social Networking will be part of our lives from now on. Issues like privacy are still a concern and certain individuals who are not very social in the real world might not use it still so it is not a representation of all types of people but its rapid tremendous growth it unquestionable.

I think the most important concern of people with new media is its privacy and confidentiality. The problem is that when people expose themselves so much through mediums such as twitter, Facebook and blogs, they are making a lot of valuable information attainable to the general public. It is thus important to always set very strict privacy settings on these websites and also to have strict judgment when choosing what to post.

New media very often shares our ‘privacy’ and even if we think that no one in our office will see the pictures from the last nights party, or no one will find out that we took off from work because we felt like sleeping late, we do write a post on our social networking sites, and post the pictures so our friends could see it, and then who else should we blame if not ourselves? I think it is difficult to expect much privacy when one is posting everything they do and their pictures on public websites. Unless people are protected with privacy settings, I don’t think they should expect much privacy.

If I was hired to use a new media in order to improve Baruch, I will do some changes. First of all I will start few blogs based on the majors where students will interact with each other, exchange ideas, sell/buy books and hints. And I would persuade students to use this blogs. This way almost everyone will be contributing and possibly meeting new friends with the same majors

Another innovation will be for freshmen. I would create an  interactive website where I would collect the experiences of old student and how they struggled  when their came to school and what the new students should know about Baruch and I would do videos about where to go for advisement, how to use library, print, about internship  and etc.

And last one maybe some type interactive advisement instead of going in for it we could connect by Skype and talk with available advisors about our performance and concerns about which subjects we should or should not take.

Virtual worlds can be used in many different ways, for example FarmVille on Facebook people can build their own farm. Virtual worlds take form of a 3D computer simulated environment. Virtual worlds can be used for social interaction, gaming, and other social related activities.  People use it to forget about their real life or forget about problems. A “sims” is example of virtual worlds.

There is also another side to the virtual world, people use it to create something they want to remember, like Saki Knafo wrote  in his New York Times Article “In Room 100, It’s Sid and Nancy All Over Again”, the Pennsylvanian manager and songwriter-singer, Michael Brown, created a replica of the Chelsea Hotel where Sid and Nacy lived using the multiuser computer program called Second Life. Same program gives the opportunity to learn in ‘virtual learning environments’, where you can study different subjects and participate in online chat, etc.
There are pros and cons to the virtual worlds. I think that one of the pros is the fact that many companies see an opportunity in using them to create work environments and perform training for future employees like “IBM’s recent move to conduct employee orientation and mentoring…’’ (From the article “IBM Learning Programs Get a ‘Second Life’”). Virtual worlds give us great opportunities to be creative and do things that we wouldn’t even think of before because of lack of necessary assets.

People can get so engrossed by these worlds, that they tend to forget what is reality and what is not.

I am unfortunately addicted to FarmVille – I like this game because when I am sitting in front of computer and play I can forget about real life and create my imaginary future farm.
I believe that virtual worlds are growing and who knows maybe one day we will all belong to one.

Twitter discussions are very short messages between people. They write whatever comes to their mind. It’s very quick interaction between people and you can be spontaneous. In my opinion things look a bit messy and without probably getting used to it is not easy to find things and information can be lost easily if people post too much.

BB Discussion Board you can write a lot more and don’t have the limitations of how long you can post.
The information stays more in front of you and seemingly more passionate conversations can develop with more depth. It a lot less fragmented than Twitter. It’s almost as Twitter is like sending a text message on your phone and BB is like calling someone to have a conversation.

Compared to an in class discussion Twitter is really just pulses of information. Seemingly fleeting thoughts where as a real face to face discussion in class usually requires interaction and sometimes can be real passionate.

Corporations use Social Networking sites in many different ways. Many big corporations set up their business profiles to promote their companies and their products. We can read about this in the article “What’s Next? Your Future in Social Networking” author of this article presents a new way communication and promote the business, company are giving free samples and trials of their products through these social networking sites. Companies are engaging with the community to see what the people really want. Based on the ads, or profiles on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, we can see that almost every corporation is taking the advantage of this.
The best benefit of using social networking is the low cost of promoting the business thru social networking. It also consumes less time and is available to more prospective clients. Corporations also use social networking sites to hire employees and interns. “One of Crawford-Hentz’s favorite sites is Linkedin, a network of 8 million professionals spread across the world. Linkedin says users include executives from all of the Fortune 500 companies” (Langfitt, Social Networking Technology boosts Job Recruiting). Many people find and apply for jobs through social networking sites, which is very convenient because you can do it from your home computer and they offer many filtering options.
‘Dark side’ to it would be a fact that once you post your personal/private/business information, or if you do a transaction through one of the social networking sites that are not protected too well, you might end up a s a victim of a theft or sexual harassment .
Looking at the speed of how technology is evolving, I believe that soon social networking will be one of the only ways of communication, promoting businesses, keeping in touch with friends or even family, and who knows maybe our kids will have something even better than that. I just hope that they will not replace us people.

Social Networking has become a very big deal nowadays. Everyone wants to share their life with others and it has made connections across oceans very easy. For me it has been great as I can keep in touch with family and friends in Poland other countries. I checked out Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and FourSquare for this assignment.

Facebook, the most popular website for social networking today, is the one I use the most as well. People typically use their real names which is great for finding old friends. The status updates are pretty useful sometimes for knowing what others are doing. Also there is a new trend that businesses are using it to promote their specials. So for example we can find out easily what my local restaurant has for lunch special every day. I also like to use it for sharing photos and playing some games on it.

MySpace is very similar also, but it mostly has people on it that use nicknames which makes others hard to find and also it makes the place a bit less civilized as people can hide behind anonymous personas. There seems to be still a big community there of musicians for sharing songs and videos. You can also customize it on the way it looks but it is not that easy and can make everyone’s page look messy if they don’t know what they are doing. Overall the feel of this website is not as friendly and it seems that less and less people are using it.

Friendster is one of the oldes of the social networking websites and while I have not used it for years it still seems simple to browse and not many things changed over the years. It seem that it has very few users and I don’t actually know any friends that use it. Seemingly concentrating on online games more than actual networking these days. Otherwise it has the same common features as the other, profiles for user, photo galleries you can manage and now even a “Shoutout” box for letting people know what’s on your mind.

One of the more recent Social Networking sites is FourSquare. It has a completely different premise than the others as it focuses on “locations” and you the users presence at them. So every time you go to your favorite bar or restaurnat you check into FourSqaure that you are there and if friends are checking their account they can for example meet you there. If you have been to a place a certain number of times you can become “mayor”. This works with people’s competitive nature as they try to outdo eachother as to how many times they check into a place. Working with businesses is also good for the website as the businesses offer specials and sales for people that check into their establishment often.

Overall all these websites are pretty unique but I still like Facebook best. It is easy to use, keep track of friends, share photos and thoughts as well as play interesting online games, to some of which I have become addicted too. It is also usable in a lot of different languages so its easy for people around the world to sign-up making it easier to grow the community.

Blogs and Wikis are both new forms of media that make human interaction easier online. While blogs have only one creator/author, the audience/other online users can comment and express their opinions on the original posts by the author of the blog. Posts are usually limited to 1-2 per day, unless the writer has a lot of free time to spend on writing on his/her blog.
Wikis help a group of people to work on a single topic and make edits to the project simultaneously. Because of the amount of writers, they are often more knowledgeable, and share experiences and thoughts of many different people. Amount of the posts and articles is quite large and changes frequently, which makes it more interesting. To sum up, blogs provide a one-to-many mode of communication where as in the case of wikis it is many-to-many (at least for all the people given access to work on the wiki) However, I feel both of them are useful in collaborating groups of people.

Blogs are used by celebrities to keep in touch with their fans. They are also used by new writers and entrepreneurs to express their opinions or market new ideas. A very popular and obvious example of wikis is wikipedia. I find it a great source of information for most of my classes since it puts together all the general information is simple words. The article “How to use wikis for business” tells us how annoying it can be in the corporate environment when there are a million emails of spreadsheets and documents and it is hard to find the most updated one. Wikis can thus be used in corporate teams to work on projects efficiently. The same article mentions that the word wiki actually comes from the Hawaiian word wiki-wiki meaning quick. Also the list of wikis on Wikipedia gives a list of some very useful sources such as WikiBooks, WikiHow, WikiAnswers, wiki news etc.

A new use of wiki I feel could be in the field of community projects. A wiki could be formed for a network of volunteers, new volunteers being added regularly as we find them and each keeps us posted of the volunteer opportunities they are aware of. This way volunteers get their options and recruit more people for their events as well.